16 October 2008

Bliss Hangover

Last weekend I co-led a 3-day weekend retreat with Padmatara. There were 26 of us. On Sunday night we walked in silence together up to a ridge that looks over the hills toward the ocean. An almost-full moon shined on us, lighting up the dry golden grass. We chanted for a little while then just sat for maybe half an hour. I felt full of energy, and blissful. The next day I woke up with a headache, and was tired all day.

This retreat seemed to have a particularly loving atmosphere. And I wonder: Why can’t we live this way? Why don’t we all live together, cook for each other, remind each other what’s important, meditate together, allow silence together, and give each other little thoughtful gifts? I know why. I’m just saying.

Some References

Cultivating the Inner Retreat

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