05 July 2011

Buddhafield Monthlong Retreat 2011

I returned from England last night. I spent some time in London, but mostly I was in Devon in a beautiful large field of long grass and buttercups, meditating with my friend Paramananda and about 30 other people, for a month. It was a wonderful experience.

Here are some beautiful mantras from the retreat. They are:
  • Amitabha (2)
  • Vajrasattva
  • Shakyamuni Buddha (Tibetan)
  • Invocation to Prajnaparamita or Perfect Wisdom (from the Heart Sutra)
  • Yeshe Tsogyel (said to be incarnation of Prajnaparamita)
The words to the last mantra, some of which is in Tibetan, are:

Om Ah Hum Benzra Guru Jnana Saghara Beim Hari Nisa Siddhi Hum

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Photo is an outdoor Vajrasattva puja toward the end of the retreat.

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